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today, it's lights, cameras, exercise! as ali vincent heads to malibu, california, to see how some of the hottest and fittest celebrities in the world stay in such amazing shape. as the first female winner of the biggest loser, ali vincent is a bit of a celebrity herself. but when it's time to try on a triathlons, stars gone and sweat is on! i think i'm going to puke. ♪ music a triathlon isn't just a race. it's a grueling fitness challenge consisting of a half-mile swim, a 25 mile bike ride and a four mile run. a challenge ali is ready to take on for the seventh time. i've got mom here, mom is like the best to have around because she's
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always like where's it at? i'm like mom i don't think you need another bell here! (excited) and then ali got a big surprise! look at you! it's jorge! jorge sierra has come a long way since meeting ali. he was featured in one of the first episodes with make big with ali vincent. he's already lost 80 pounds. keep it up! good job buddy! jorge's about to see ali do her own super workout. with her mom and jorge ready to cheer her on ali's ready to get going. it's beautiful today. the water looks awesome. the last time i was here i literally had to swim at an angle because the current was so bad. and then when i came back
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in i tumbled back in and i thought i was going to die. the swim today was kind of like an anxiety part but i think that it'll be okay and it'll be like something that i conquered. i'm like i'm a swimmer, i'm not supposed to be scared of the water but this one scared me and it's freezing. it might be cold but that isn't keeping the stars away. there's tons of celebrities and they're all gone right now but they're all in the tent going to the bathroom where the rooms are not dirty, there's not lines and they're having coffee in their brand news shoes. i talked to this guy and i was like have you even worn those shoes yet? the star treatment even extends to the event itself. these are actually all the ones that are doing it by themselves the entire race. these are all relays and so you can't really look at their times because the relays have professional athletes paired up. i'm just like a normal girl, so it's cool that i try to save a set. ali might be a normal girl but she has a word of caution for people who think that doing a triathlon gives them a license to binge. that's what a lot of people say, oh i run the marathon or a half marathon, the five k, or a triathlon, i get
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to eat whatever i want. sure, you burn alot of calories but you're still on your journey, you don't want to mess that up. ali is the only female in the celebrity division who has entered in all three lengths of the triathlon. they're all guys except for me so i get to win! and my prediction is i come in before the awards start. now i have to put on my sweat suit, which is not fun to put on period, but to put it on now, i like literally, it's the worst girdle you could ever imagine. so how prepared are the other celebrities? on the red carpet host, rachel smith, caught up with them before the start of the big race. you ready to get your fitness on today? i'm ready. check me out. aw yah? are you going to do all three triathlons? i do the xbox, all the xbox. they have a xbox triathlon, the swimming, the cycling, the jogging,
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so this arm is very, very strong. but rain has some big doubts about his running skills. i'm going to do a run walk, more like a waddle. a waddle, how are you going to waddle? prepared? are you ready to get into the triathlon today? not at all. whatever! i tried running it yesterday, instead of doing it maybe a couple days before or all week like i planned, i'll just do a big run, like yesterday so now i'm totally sore. you have to exercise as an ongoing thing. you can't just do a lot of in one day. jason ritter and wayne wilson must have the same trainer. but then i do a lot of like, video game workouts. you and wayne wilson can get together because he does a lot of video game workouts. okay, cool! ah no, yes exactly. i'm always in training with the la rock crew.
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but actually last year i did not train at all. i tried to run the whole thing and had to get paddled in no a surf board. it's a great way to see the race sitting with the lifeguard as they paddle you in. so this year i'm just running. but next year i'm doing the whole thing. my competitor is wayne wilson. just crush him, i want to crush him this year just for fun. are you ready? no. i'm ready. ah, a lot! i'm doing a lot of biking and two weeks ago i had a blowout on my tire, going down. got stitches all up, road rash and haven't ridden since. this is my first ride. i'm going to be crushing it in the running portion. by crushing it i mean a 12 minute mile, i don't know. how should one get ready? one should work out and run a lot. how did you get ready? i got ready, i ran a little bit and yeah, that's, i just ran a
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little bit. i should have run more. one of those days you wake up and today, it's already today. shoot. over at the starting line ali is being interviewed by another tv crew. their focus is clearly on the big workout. seconds away from jumping the water. honesty, i'm just like, is it going to be cold. am i going to be kay and then i just have to remind myself that i'm ready for this that i can do it. i just have to pace my own self and not try to compare myself to others. like if i keep up with my own pace i will be okay. ali's triathlon has official begun. she sprints into the pacific ocean. next, ali's triathlon continues. ali vincent is here, the first women, literally on the biggest loser, and the stars who doesn't rely on video game workouts tell us how they stay in picture perfect shape. well i work out everyday and i don't eat as much as i would like because i'm bitter and angry.
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we're back in sunny malibu where the stars don't just come out at night. sometimes they're up at the break of dawn working up a big sweat. and now, here comes ali. she just swam a half mile, in the pacific ocean. yay, go ali! ali vincent is here, the first female winner of the biggest loser, and a transition area, getting ready to hop on the bike and make some more history. hop on! i feel good, it's not a little much! it's hard to swim in that. i was really proud of her. she was smiling but i
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wouldn't smile after i swam with the fishes either. right now she's talking to herself i'm sure of it. she's probably saying i better pick up the speed now because when i start running i lose all kinds of distance. while ali begins the biking portion, the star studded triathlon, lets take a closer look at what other celebrities do to maintain their unbelievable bodies. i love to run. that' s kind of my big workout thing. i'm able to just get on a treadmill, watch a game, it clears my head. i think i'm very lucky genetically. i do run, i do yoga but there's no routine. it's just kind of like what am doing today? i have a lot of energy. i'm kind of hyper active. so exercise is a way to calm myself down. people are always talking about the exercise high and i honestly don't know that i will ever get the exercise high. i meet all these people that are like i love exercise. before i exercise and i'm just like, oh my god, is there something wrong with me because i hate it! so the first ten minutes any time i'm exercising i'm like why am i doing this?
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oh and i beat myself up and then after ten minutes i'm like okay, i can do this. i get past that and i don't get an exercise high but i love the way that i feel as the result of exercise. well i hate working out, when my friends ask me to go for hikes, i'm like why would i go for a hike? i have direct tv. but you do need to workout and keep tone. so, i actually come up with these, and it sounds like i'm lying but i'm not. i make a playlist of like a 45 minutes of songs, and my girlfriends and i, we just freestyle dance. i do a little bit of everything. a little bit of swimming, going three days a week and some resistance, and you know a little yoga and everything. at my page you got to keep up. funny things is ido the same thing i did50 years ago just a bit configuration. when i do my, cardio thing, i do that. i mean it's hollywood.
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you know you can't walk around like a slum. honestly, i haven't been to the gym for a few months. thank god for muscle memory. i love coach bees. i know she's been dealing with some knee issues so she hasn't been able to go to the gym. but let me tell you about muscle memory. muscle memory is when your muscle's actually remember what they used to do. so if you feel like you're out of shape and there's no way you can get back into your high school days or college, trust me, put a little effort, your muscles will remember and you'll be back before you know it. well right now i'm still in workout mode to lse baby weight and that is not a fun workout mode because it is heavy workout you know and it is heavy dieting and really watching what you eat. my workouts are probably two to three hours a day, it's brutal and i hate. i absolutely hate it and i'm waiting for the day to when i don't have to run for an hour and a half everyday. i love malissa but baby weight, come on, she barely had a baby bump, she looks amazing! working out two to three hours a day, running for an hour and a half, that's crazy! i like to do weights. i like to play with dumbbells, i like the kettle bells, balance
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balls, all that kind of stuff because i like that i can do it at home and as when my little one is sleeping, i can just pop in front of the tv and do a couple quick workouts. malissa's got it right. working out at home, while the baby's taking naps, do what you can when you can. if you have the kettle bells and you have the video then lets do it. yu know i do a bit of pilates and yoga. a lot of working out but i like the type of varieties that i do in class. well i workout everyday and i don't eat as much as i'd like because i'm bitter and i'm angry. so i find that i have to walk off my anger and then sometimes i'm so filled with victory and bitterness that i can't even digest my food properly. i wish, i used to have a lot of different things, and i was good with what i ate but i have three small children and i run when i can, and that's about it. i don't do anything else. i eat their food, cold as it's about to go into the trash, cold waffle, cold sausage, cold eggs. it's generally what i eat now.
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i think you have to sort of pick your poison. i just try to exercise everyday. i'm addicted to it. i do pilates, horses, i try to eat healthy but i do like wine. i decided wine and martinis are my drug of choice. i gave up cookies so i can do that. you know i found something that works for me. which is basically, i hike outside my house, it gives me no excuse not to do that. sometimes i forget so i swim and i ride horses. so i do stuff that i like to do and enjoy, gyms don't work for me. i love kat and she's definitely has it right. if you can do what you love and still get the body that you love then that is defiantly the ticket. go outside aright nw and explore your surrounding areas just like kat does. next, will ali win the triathlon? will mom bring herself out? don't turn away, the run is next.
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ali's still going strong at the triathlon. normally the pacific coast highway is packed with bumper to bumper traffic. today the only way to get around is swimming, biking and running. and here she comes again! ali just biked 18 miles meanwhile it looks like mom is
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getting her own workout. ringing the cowbells! ali vincent in the stands! first ever winner of the fifth season! there's so many great people. what is your goal and why are you out here? where you are right now is you can do anything you want! ali knows that actions speak louder than words and that means finishing the triathlon, time for the four mile run, final lay. to find out her celebrity competition gets fit, ali checks in with trainer to the star, marco read. i want to get the real story here because i know that you train celebrities like david cook, adam lambert and they are always traveling, and i'm
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always traveling. how do you workout if you don't have a gym? is it possible to have the body of your dreams without it? well you know what, one thing that's very cool, and speaking of david cook, i actually designed part of this bok for him. since i know you're on tour and you don't have access to a computer, i thought i'd bring you a gift. i thought i'd bring you a book. three plus one diet, trainer marco's new fantastic book and oh my god, who's that on the back? who is that? a handsome devil. so what are we going to do today? so today i want to set you up with about six of eight of these exercises in this book. take you through them, and let you try it and see we can get you fit today. awesome, lets do it! alright ali so i want to do a great exercise. so what i'm going to have you do is get into this royal stand. you bring the bar above the head. elbows locked. you're going to come down to a 90 degree knee flex. hold, and then you'll flex as far as you can, really
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stretching out your left side, come back up, and then stand. let the knee out, go ahead and flex to the side. oh wow you went farther than i did. well, i do pilates. this is the power drill. okay you're working your core, full body movement, here you go and punch! look at that form. see the long neck, to the shoulder, make a fist, hands behind the head. kay, so let the hips rotate and touch back up and down. so why don't you work on your oblique on this side, yeah going down! thanks marco, that was awesome. giving me some new ways to think about side planks and sit-ups, it was great. great, good job. i enjoyed it. pretty soon i'm going to have your muscles. i mean in a girly way.
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now it's back to the malibu triathlon, where the race is more than just a physical challenge for ali. you know a triathlon is more of a mental game. because naturally you want to go, you want to swim, you want to give it your all, you have your bicycle, you want to give it your all, you have your run, you want to give it your all. actually at your run you don't want to give your all because you're at the end of it, and you're like what the hell. you have to remember that it's a pace. you have to pace yourself and that's what really life is about. that's why i love triathlons' because you have stuff that you don't necessarily like, you have stuff that you love. i love swimming, i'm working on my relationship with running but that's life; figuring out how to balance it all. next, it's home stretch and we're at the finish line. the stars are here but where's ali. and watch what the first thing she does when she crosses the finish line. :ñ
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we're back and ali's in the home stretch of the malibu triathlon. while we keep an eye out for ali, here comes some other celebrities. ryan sutter from the bachelor completes the triathlon and it doesn't even look like he broke a sweat. here comes john cryer, and crossing the finish line a few minutes behind him, wayne wilson, and john cryer is there to greet him, i mean fight him. but when two stars rumble, no one gets hurt. watch everyone crosses the finishing line but where's ali? that's what ali's mom wants to know. and here she is! ali did it! ali vincent! good to see you again! i did it, i finished it! i feel really really good. my goal was to make sure i run the entire course because that's where i tend to look, oh i'll run walk, run walk and i did.
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i feel fabulous. i love it when i'm mom's there at the end of the race and i get to hug her, because i feel like every big thing i've ever had i've turned and my mom was there. and i got to give her a big hug and know that she's there supporting me. now it's time for the awards and jay lenos on hand to present them. you know for guys who won the race, you're moving awful slow. thank you gentlemen's. thank you guys. thank you! get ready to cheer for the women! finally the female celebrity division, and in places, one, through 11, there is just one winner, from the biggest loser, season five, ali vincent! two hours, nine minutes! ali congratulations, very good, very good. maybe you're used to triathlons but you were still nervous and excited about it, it was a different experience. and yes, i loved it a lot more, i wasn't as nervous and i think that i'm just
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more comfortable in me now. you were a blast at this triathlon and you were so good. and what about the chances of ali's mom doing her own triathlon? do you have a desire to doing the triathlon? i mean i kind of do but i don't want to wear goggles. i just don't want to see what's in there because that's what scares me is seeing what's under me. there's no doubt that betty sue, ali's number one fan. you really are an inspiration, and i couldn't be prouder, and sometimes that has a drawback. go faster. you are a little embarrassing though. oh my gosh mom you are yes. you're sitting here with your cow bell and i'm like, ah mom. ali's next big goal is a giant one. the ironman triathlon in hawaii.
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the ironman combines a 2.4 mile swim with 112 mile bike ride and then finishes with a 26.2 mile run. her run really isn't the focus here, it's focused on the ironman. my mom's ready to go, she wants to go and cheer me on. she better get a big cow bell. now here's my big three. three things i hope you take away from this episode. number one, you have to set a goal. it doesn't matter what it is. running a mile, running a five k, hey, even running an ironman. without a goal you'll never know the feeling of accomplishment. no matter how big or small your goal is you need to make sure that you're celebrating along the way. so set many goals so that way you're on track. and number three, don't pressure yourself. it's not about winning the race, it's about being a healthier you. and of course, a healthier you is how to live big.
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i know, i am so confident in my sex appeal, even at this moment. what are the chances of you running the last six miles with her? um, is it going to snow in malibu? that's when i'll run.
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hey everybody i'm lisa quinn.
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welcome home. this weeks makeover is for jae, she's nutritionist who loves to cook and garden. it's my first place living by myself and i bought this place and i just adore it. and i just come here and it's very peaceful. it's just when i moved in i never lived by myself and i hadn't really bought any of my own stuff yet. so i'm still just trying to figure out what to do for my home design sort of aspect. as well as what do i really like. we've gone through utilitarian plus vintage and now we're settling into warmth and bringing in the outside in i think that's where she's kind of finding her nitch. my mom definitely has an opinion. i do have an opinion. coming over and giving me feedback on everything.
11:32 am
my place is located in south market behind at&t park, where everyone sits with their boats to go for homeruns at mc covey cove. that all trickles down into this creek called mission creek. so there's house boats out there and plenty of birds and it's just there's now a boardwalk for people to run and there's a playground down the street. so it's just a really nice cute part of the city. the beauty of it we've got a pretty blank canvas. i mean there's nothing that needs to be changed. we just need to add. and you've got some new purchases. when you originally sent me your photos it was basically just an empty room. looked like a dorm room which made me a little nervous too because we don't have a budget to furnish everything. but what you've done is you made some really great big purchases; like this sofa. right. so i wanted leather. i loved the look of it and it's just the right amount of lengths because i didn't want; some people were suggesting oh a love seat or just get a chair don't have a sofa. but i didn't want that.
11:33 am
so it's the perfect set. i'm it's the perfect size and it fits perfectly with the place i love. and then i had a different coffee table, dining room table but it was huge and so i saw this and the glass and the kind of modern lines and its silver which i like. so i got this but as you notice i still haven't figured out what kind of chairs i want. because i want the chairs to pop since that's so simple. do you like your art work? i think it's lovely. but there's no wrong answer here. no. so, do you like it or not? all of these things have been things i've picked up along the years. some of these are 10,15 years old. i picked them up in other countries and i just i love them all. when i was living in new york i had put almost all of them, a bunch of them up on a wall together. like a gallery wall. which i love the way that looked. so i was thinking that for this wall. i like the warm kind of fall colors. the greens, the oranges, the browns; that sort of thing. tv center?
11:34 am
so i just bought; i got the t.v. because i didn't even own a t.v. but some people are buying these huge tvs. i'm not into that, i don't want the t.v. to be the center of the place. and i love the plexiglass. i love how sleek the media table is but i have no idea what to do with all these cords. i almost think that it might be a better coffee table just because there's no amount of tying up those cords. it's clear you're going to see them. and you're going to see the top and the vents. so i love how it looks but i don't know if it will fit somewhere, but maybe that wasn't the best choice for that. it'll work. it kind of goes along with the theme that you've got going too, which to me looks very modern. you like sort of a kind of sleek, modern, glass and chrome and that kind of very modern girl in the city look. yes, but i want to pair that with some like super vintagey pieces. yeah because your frames over there. i mean i love that look; because if it's too sleek it looks like a showroom.
11:35 am
right and i like the chunkiness of like antique stuff or like my night stands. like that antique making something that is once a kitchen cabinet into a night stand or all that sort of stuff. i want to kind of bring that together but i haven't found those pieces yet. i know exactly what i like when it comes to clothes, their shoes, and that sort of stuff but when it comes to coffee tables, or couches i've been a little bit confused. everything's so modern in here. and she is wanting some balance just framing these up on the wall is not going to give it enough balance. i feel like she needs more fabric in here or more...some warmth, some more texture maybe. right. and definitely some paint. definitely. i think the contrast...i'm not sure if this is black or just like the deepest, darkest brown i've ever seen. it's beautiful but up against these white walls it's just a little bit too much. warming it up will help a little bit. and i like these colors.
11:36 am
this is the color...i think everybody has that one color that just makes them smile and this sort of deep aqua is the color that does it for me and i was so happy to see this in here. i think it's like an old silk screen; which is awesome. so i might try to play off these colors. she said she liked greens and blues. maybe we can find a color that coordinates with this really well. maybe not the same color. something to make it pop. i think that's a great idea. exactly, exactly. okay, well really we don't have too much to do in this room. we have nothing to undo. she hasn't done anything horrible. so it's really about just trying to add some color and some personality and a little bit more of a rustic so that it doesn't look like a doctors office frankly. super contemporary. okay well i'm going to give you a roll of measuring tape. i' m going to gather all this stuff and we'll get started. sounds good. fantastic. coming up next, we've got to warm up this room and find the right pieces of furniture to bring it all together.
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welcome back to the show. we're making over a living room for jae. i'm a registered dietian and i spend my days working with peope through exercise and nutrition talking about how to create change and how to kind of make it work for them. i have learned about slow food and the value of food from my daughter; which i don't learned as i was growing up. it's time to go shopping. we've got to find t.v. console that will work for our room.
11:40 am
she already has a few nice basic pieces; a dining room table and a sofa but i'm here at ikea to fill in all the rest. she really needs something better for her television and that's why i'm here in the t.v. department. something massive like this; this big entertainment center is fantastic if you've got a family room. not only does it provide a place for your television but it's got all these drawers and doors. hide all the little things end up cluttering all your horizontal surfaces, making your room feel a little messy. however, in our case we don't have that kind of room. jae's apartment is not large enough to accomodate anything like this and frankly we've got a big white room with a lot of glass and chrome and i think bringing more white into it is not really the answer. i would love to find something that had a little bit more warmth to it and i know there's a huge selection here, so i'm going to look around surely to find something soon. alright so this is more what i'm talking about right here. what i like about it is its got this really nice oak veneer so its got this wood grain to it.
11:41 am
it's got a little bit of texture. it's bringing a little bit of nature into a room that's got a lot of glass and chrome in it right now. i think this tv unit would be perfect for the tv i like all the little features like these fun little doors here. you can keep it up when you're using your remote control and then take it down when you're not. size is perfect. its got all these great little drawers for all the little extras. this is going to be perfect and frankly i got to be honest with you i've been doing makeovers for years and i'm dying to use this cabinet back here. it's beautiful. she can use this as a bar or just for storage or whatever. and what i like about it is it's got this round glass circle. she's got that round glass dining room table so if we have this on the other side it'll just make it feel a little bit more balanced and add some harmony to the room. so we'll definitely get this, we'll definitely get that. i've still got a little bit more shopping to do for the room but when we
11:42 am
come back from our commercial break you're going to see us put this whole room together. it's gonna be great. stay tuned.
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welcome back to the show. we're in the middle of transforming a living room for jae in san francisco. she lives in a great modern space but she wants the room to have more character. i do want to cook more and i'm creating a garden outside and i want to only make it bigger and i want to kind of bring in the gardening, the cooking and bring it all into my home. i don't even have chairs for like for full company and i'm still trying to figure out how to put it all together. so i've just excited for this process to make this little wonder of an apartment into a home where i can have people over and just make it even cozier than it already is. invite your parents over. invite my parents over, yes. so i'll cook for you instead of you cooking for me. it is build day. there's a lot of hustling and bustling going on today.
11:46 am
the painters are gone. rafael painted this beautiful green color up on the wall. which is kind of just to do an accent wall. this color is nice and bright and will really add some pop to the room but if we did it on all the walls i just felt like it was going to be too much. so we're sticking with one wall green or is it two walls? and we're bringing in orange accents because jae's two favorite colors which is green and orange. this sign was a fabulous find. i got it on ebay. i love old vintage, industrial signs. they're really hard to find and when you do find them they're really expensive. there's a guy on ebay you just type in industrial letters and all of his stuff pops up. he has all different kind. a lot less expensive than you would find and they still have that really groovy old look even though they're new. and it even lights up. how cool is that? and i got these rods you can cut them as long as you like. and what they do is they kind of cover the cords and it looks nice and neat and we can even paint it the same color as the
11:47 am
wall and it's going to make it not so unprofessional looking. we're going to make it look right. and then here this is actually a show rack but here's what i was thinking instead of shoes make this a bar. she can put all of her wine bottles in here, she can put all of her liquor bottles in here, notice we even got orange and green on the champaigne bottles so we're doing great. color is subjective. everybody has their favorite color. jae is crazy about green and orange but my fear was that there's too much just green and just orange in the room it's going to be retro 70's but not in the good way. so i wanted to bring in some extra color. i got this painting i guess it is. it's almost sculptural. its got all different levels. i got this at z gallery. and what i love about it, is its definitely got the green and the orange but it's also got this rainbow of other colors, which is going to help up tie in extra accessories and textiles throughout the room. so i'm thinking we'll
11:48 am
probably hang this painting over the television because here's the deal, we've got that bright green accent wall so we need to carry a little bit of color to the walls that are still white. i think this is going to be the thing. thank god for bob from concord assembly. every week he helps us out so much and this week is no exception. we had a ton of furniture. pretty complicated pieces like this t.v. stand and all these chairs. let's talk about this accent wall again. earlier i showed you a bright painting that had a lot of green in it we're going to put on the white wall but in turn we need to put a little white back on the green walls so that we do have a nice balanced feel in the room. so what i got were these things, they're pretty cool. i got it at west elm and what they do is they hold plants in them. obviously i'm going to make it look a little nicer than that but you
11:49 am
get the idea and then we're going to hang it on the wall like so. you don't always have to put paintings or drawings on the wall, but you can think about 3 dimensional art work that also has a little bit of life into it but i have got this plant right here, which i like it's called a pothos. you've seen them all over. they're very common plant and what i like about them is they're really hard to kill. if you don't have a green thumb this is for you. doesn't need a lot of light, which is good because it's going to be filtered over here from the window and if they start to need water they get a little wilty looking so you know when to water them and they hard to kill. we're going to put these in here. i've got a couple of them and it'll be nice. because we do these makeovers so quickly sometimes we make our own decisions. in this case i think the lamp that i got is too short but we'e lucky because jae's got all these really beautiful books right here and they're adding a little bit more color. see it looks better anyway. it's perfect, lovely. everything works out in the end.
11:50 am
well when we come back from the commercial break you're going to see this whole room pulled together and we're going to see what jae thinks of her new space. so stay tuned. [ [ male announcer ] many new year's resolutions have unraveled at the corner of "good intentions" and "powdered donuts." but walgreens can help you make a healthy change before you get too far off track. we've got the tools, advice and products you need to trade your old habits for new routines. now at walgreens, finest nutrition vitamins or centrum multivitamins are buy one, get one half off with balance rewards card. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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hey everybody welcome back to the show. our makeover is finally complete. before we show you what it looks like now, we're going to go back and take one last look at this room when we first got started with the show. jae had just moved into this brand new condo and it's just white, blank canvas. not a lot of architectural detail. she'd gone ahead and bought a few of the major base pieces like the glass dining table, the acrylic coffee table that she was using, the t.v. stand and a black sofa but she didn't have anything else and she was really
11:53 am
wanting to warm up the space bring in a lot of color and vitality. well take a look at it now. i think we all agree that i definitely brought some color into this room. jae's two favorite colors orange and green and they're all over this apartment. we decided to stay with that theme. we decided just to do an accent wall. as you can tell the color is pretty bright, which i like, but i think if we done it on every single wall it would've been a little like the jolly green giant's house. we had some inspiration pieces that jae already owned. this print right over here on the wall to really captured all the colors that she liked, so we just made sure and kind of coordinated everything with that. i found this fantastic rug at cb2 and i love running with a theme, jae is a dietitian and a nutritionist and i don't know if you can tell but it's very abstract pomegranate and it also had the colors that we liked. i in fact pulled the
11:54 am
colors for our accent wall from the rug. i found this painting over here at z gallery. it's got the green, it's got the orange, it's also got these beautiful cobalts, cherry red, and turquoise and it really help me open up the room for a lot of other different colors and we pulled those colors together with a lot of our accent pieces like the pillars. my eat sign came out great. i love it. i'd like to have it for myself. its got that nice vintage feel because a lot of pieces in this room are super modern and that's a great look too but for balance i like bringing in a few old pieces too. jae's got a lot of flea market finds and things too. thought it would add a nice lok to the room. we brought in this beautiful stock home it's pretty cool it's got all these doors that open right up.
11:55 am
you can put all your components in here. we haven't done it yet but you get the idea. we'll do it before we leave and we just dressed it up with some plants and some candles. it looks a whole lot better and because it's got this nice oak finish it's bringing in a little bit of nature into this room because before we were just had a lot of glass and a lot of chrome and that can feel really cold and we're trying to warm it up. she didn't have anything on these windows except those venetian blinds and it just looked a little cold. we simply got these linen draperies and just hung them on either sides super simple and they really soften up the look. we also brought in a karo cabinet if you can see that over there its got the same oak finish that our t.v. cabinet has just for balance and to keep everything looking warm. she had no chairs for her dining room table, so we brought in these great upholstered chairs and then just for balance once again we're trying to keep all the colors working in balance because we have a lot of them. also brought in a white side chair over here and just threw a little faux sheepskin over the top, a little faux plant over here so she can't kill it and a nice little floor lamp just for an extra source
11:56 am
lightings so she can read. so i think that's it. i think i mentioned everything i did. i like the way it turned out. i'm going to be honest with you green and orange our not my favorite pallet, color subjective, so it was a really fun challenge to be able to try to pull a room together that i liked that had some colors that i'm not used to working with. let's see what jae thinks. i'm really anxious to see what she thinks, so we're going to bring her right now. alright ladies. i'm going to make sure we've never had an injury yet with the eyes closed. i'm going to get yolu right here. one, two, three, go. oh my god. it's a lot of color right? i love it. the orange and the green is perfect. is this your place? you the colors, you picked up the colors. oh my god and the plants and the cook books and now it looks so much better without all the cables everywhere. you had this beautiful acrylic piece and now
11:57 am
you can see the rug. you don't have to see the cords that we saw before. it's kind of clear, it makes it seem a little bit more spacious. i was thinking i didn't need a coffee table because it was so small but this is perfect because it's clear, and cozy and warm and all your colors. it looks great. just as you suggested, they're all here beautifully laid out. and the eat is so cute. the eat is probably my favorite thing in the whole room. it's just a really unique piece. i mean i am a dietitian, i do talk about eating all day. is it going to remind you of work? i don't know. no, no, no it's perfect, and that orange is the same orange as the night stands in my bedroom which i love. that is perfect. she captured what jae was about. the warmth, the color at first i thought oh my gosh i love green but come on. it is just wonderful. so a+, a 10.
11:58 am
she's lovely and the room is lovely. especially glad mom likes it. i was more nervous about what she was going to think than what you were going to. everything you do is so nice and look at you like repeated the t.v. on the wall with the...see that makes it work. and all the olives, all the olives jar, all the olives. it's wonderful. i want to thank you for letting us come in and do whatever the heck we wanted in your house. so glad that you actually like it. and you know what jae got a room makeover because she liked us on facebook she's a friend of ours on facebook. if you want a room makeover and you live in the immediate san francisco area you can always apply for a makeover there and you can always go to our website to get more information on this particular room. right on. right on ladies thanks so much. what a gift. for us ladies that's the end of the show. that's all the time we got. so we're going to say bye now. bye. see you next week.
11:59 am

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